Two Ways That a Certified Yoga Teacher Program Can Help You Be a Better Teacher

30 August 2021
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog


Even if you live somewhere where you can teach yoga without having any certification, doing a certified yoga teacher program could be immensely useful, as it could help you to become a much better yoga teacher. Read on to understand why.

You'll learn how to communicate more effectively when doing adjustments

One of the most important aspects of being a great yoga teacher is being able to adjust your students in a way that not only helps them to do their asanas better and to avoid injury but that also respects their boundaries, helps them to understand why you're making certain adjustments and makes them feel comfortable.

Whilst you might feel that you already respect your students' boundaries when doing adjustments, taking a yoga teacher training program will help you to fine-tune your communication skills so that you can read your students' body language better and understand how to accommodate their adjustment-related preferences. For example, some students might dislike their yoga teachers touching their bodies or might only be comfortable with them adjusting some body parts. If you encounter this type of student, you may need to verbally guide them through doing the adjustment themselves instead of doing a physical adjustment.

Your yoga course will teach how to communicate more effectively with your more sensitive students when they need to be adjusted, and this, in turn, will allow you to adjust them in a way that improves their understanding of their yoga poses and ensures that you respect their physical and emotional boundaries.

You'll improve the underdeveloped aspects of your yogic knowledge

Very few people who have not taken a certified yoga teacher program have a well-rounded understanding of all eight limbs of yoga. You might, for example, be excellent at performing very complex asanas, but have never dived deep into pranayama (i.e. breathwork) or have never taken a serious interest in Dharana (i.e. concentration).

If you take this program, you'll attend lectures during which you'll learn far more about the limbs of yoga which you may have previously neglected. This, in turn, will mean that the yoga classes you then offer after finishing the program will be more informative and will leave your students with a more balanced, well-rounded understanding of yoga. This is crucial, as you must endeavour not to pass your own yoga-related weaknesses onto your students; as such, even if you personally do not find it beneficial to, for instance, practise pranayama, there is every possibility that many of your students will find it helpful, and it is your responsibility to understand it well enough to teach it to them.

Reach out to a course provider, such as Yoga Alliance Professionals, to learn more.